Ferrero Rocher

Creamy nutty flavoured ice cream topped with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and finished with a Ferrero Rocher.

Jungle Pot

Toffee flavour ice cream topped with delicious milk toffee pieces in an attractive pot.

Jungle Coco Paradise

Real half coconut shell filled with delicious coconut ice cream.

Shaka Kulfi

An exclusive creamic pot filled with highly luxurious rich saffron & pistachio flavoured ice cream, topped with nuts

Vaso Naranji

Delicious milky orange ice cream with kiwi sauce topped with chocolate chips & a cherry

Lemon Cheesecake

A traditional biscuit base cheesecake finished with a lemon compote with attractive decoration

Pineapple Heaven

Natural pineapple skin filled with deliciously cool pineapple ice cream.

Choco Fudge Cake

All time favourite chocolate fudge cake, with rich creamy chocolate layer.

Punky Toy

Creamy Vanilla ice cream in an attractive and colourful plastic toy.

Zoo Loco

Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream filled up in attractive cup with a milky chocolate egg with a surprise inside

Icecream Cone